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Lai spotting!

Just some of the beautiful people who have shared their pictures wearing Lai jewellery!

Click on any picture to see which collection has been worn in that particular picture.

Submit your picture in your favorite Lai to photo@lai-designs.com!

(PS: with pictures now being tagged mostly on our Instagram and Facebook pages, rather than sent by emails, we have stopped updating this section......)


Shilpa, Jaipur (India)


     Ekta (Singapore)                                             Shivranjani (USA) 


                             Pooja, Bangalore (India)


Mukulika (India)                                                  Malvika (Australia)        


Sethu, Chennai (India)


           Anisha, Bangalore (India)              Devika-Louise (USA)             


                Vidhya, Telangana (India)


Ekta (Singapore)                                                   Sakshi (Canada)


Malvika (Australia)


                                  Pooja, Bangalore (India)


Malvika (Australia)                                            Atheetha, Thrissur (India)


                         Devika, Trivandrum (India)


Subhadra, Dublin (Ireland)


    Anisha, Bangalore (India)


             Shilpa, Kerala (India)


Rhea, Goa (India)                                      Shilpa, Bangalore (India)


            Akanksha, Bangalore (India)


Pooja, Bangalore (India)                                                   Sushmita, Delhi (India)    


                Sushmita, Delhi (India)


Ankita, Mumbai (India)                                        Jayanthi, USA


                    Akanksha, Bangalore (India)               Sushmita, Delhi (India)

                                                                                                                                    next >



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