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Hi, I'm Puja, founder and designer of Lai. I graduated in Accessory Design from India's premier design institute, NIFT, New Delhi and love everything design and craft related! After many years of providing design services to a number of leading national and international jewellery houses and working with craft clusters across India, I decided to venture into producing my own designs. This was a decision born out of a realization that silver jewellery was one category where my three big passions converged: working with crafts and traditional skills, jewellery and history.

I have won many design awards including those from DeBeers, World Gold Council and Perles de Tahiti. Immersing myself in the research that leads to the different story lines and different collections, is something I absolutely love- my favorite part of the job, you may say!

'Lai' is a sanskrit word that means 'the beloved one'. It is also a word in old French for a 'lyrical, narrative poem written in octosyllabic couplets that often deals with tales of adventure and romance'. Could we have chosen a better name?! :)

Our designs while being chic and contemporary are rife with historic and cultural inspirations that stem from my fascination with different world cultures, textiles, art and architecture.

Lai will appeal to the memory collectors, the wanderlust bitten, the experimenters and culture maven looking for timeless design stories in jewellery. Core to Lai’s aesthetic and philosophy is jewellery with a story– one that can be passed on through generations, remaining personal to the wearer.

We believe in style, not trends; in quality, not quantity. We believe in buying better even if that means buying less- we want you to love the piece of jewellery you buy from us and when it is in your hands, to take time out to marvel at its fine handcrafted craftsmanship.

We subscribe to Fair Trade principles and all our jewellery is handcrafted in sterling silver, in Jaipur, by expert artisans using time honoured techniques. We often collaborate with other craft clusters in India (like for the 'Bidri X MCM' or 'Nathdwara' collections), to share my love for these ancient skills with our clients.

Apart from enjoying a strong and close relationship with our patrons (you only need to see our Testimonials and Lai Spotting pages to gauge that for yourself!), the very generous press we have received for our work also makes the tremendous amount of effort we put into bringing new designs and quality products to our clients completely worth it. We were recently picked by Conde' Nast Traveller, India as one of the top 50 Indian brands that "use traditional techniques and materials to create cool, contemporary fashion".

Every season we go back to the drawing board, go in a new direction and etch out new stories via jewellery......we hope our new work will continue to excite you as much as it does us- process et al!

You can write to me at puja@lai-designs.com for any queries, suggestions or even a hello!

Thank you for shopping small and supporting indie brands! ♡