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Lapis Lazuli Nilaj(a) collection header. Sterling silver and gemstone jewelry by Lai

Nilaj(a): meaning 'produced in the blue mountains' in Sanskrit and 'one who comes with joy' in Yoruba.

Taking inspiration from various layers of Afghani aesthetics- from their Bactrian roots to the nomadic tribes- the designs in this collection are a contemporary rendition of these multiple aesthetics.

Pieces that are both visually intriguing and wonderfully crafted. Jewellery that is as likely to be found in the trunks of an antique dealer in a bazaar in Afghanistan as they are in a chic Parisian boutique. We believe jewellery is a simple yet meaningful way for people to convey their interests and personality through personal adornment. We hope, this travel and history inspired collection will enable you to do just that.



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